Management of the Natural Environtment

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Although an intensive wildlife and/or habitat inventory has yet to be completed in Limerick Forest, its large variety of wetland and forest cover types provide suitable habitat for a large number of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians.  Limerick contains over 1500 ha of wetland.  Seven wetland complexes are designated as provincially significant.  Three of those provincially significant wetlands have also been classified as Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI's).  Several species of flora and fauna occurring in the forest are identified as being "at risk".  Three large deer yards and a waterfowl staging area are also associated with various Limerick properties.


The Limerick Forest Long Range Plan (LFLRP) identifies the need to "Protect the ecological features and values of Limerick Forest", and describes four basic objectives to help attain this goal.


  1. Identify and describe the various Limerick Forest ecosystems and their functions.
  2. Identify the various challenges and opportunities in cooperating with the traditional users of the forest.
  3. Identify areas for research and study.
  4. Identify and describe requirements for protection (e.g. removal of alien species) including exclusion from other uses.


Towards that end, the Twenty Year Forest Management Plan (FMP) has identified the following "Natural Environment" objectives:

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  1. To conserve and enhance biological diversity of Limerick Forest.  
  2. To maintain and/or enhance wildlife habitats by the application of appropriate forest management.
  3. To ensure no loss of threatened, endangered, rare or vulnerable species habitat (plant or wildlife) as a result of forest management activities.
  4. To ensure forest management interventions minimize adverse effects on soils, water, vegetation, fish, wildlife and other identified values.
  5. To maintain wildlife populations at levels which provide for species continuance and provide opportunities for wildlife harvesting, aesthetic appreciation, and education and scientific investigation.
  6. To minimize environmental damage to the natural resources of Limerick Forest and prevent personal injury or loss of life and which may arise from natural disturbance events such as wildfire or from human activities.

Strategies to achieve the above objectives are described in the FMP.