Education / Research


Picture of People Bird watching

Limerick Forest offers a wealth of educational and research opportunities. Increasing public awareness of environmental issues through educational programs based on or in Limerick Forest will benefit both the forest and the citizens of the Leeds and Grenville. 

The Counties' commitment to Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and its implementation via forest certification standards represents a long-term investment in Limerick Forest. Education of the public to bring about the behavioural changes necessary to understand and support SFM is also a long-term investment which can be accomplished in many ways.

The Limerick program currently supports a number of educational initiatives. Students participating in the Athens District High School Natural Resources and Outdoor Studies Class spend many hours in a Limerick Forest compartment located just a few kilometres south of their school. They establish sample plots, collect data and monitor the area for insect and disease problems.  In 2008, this program was designated by the Ministry of Education as a "Specialist High Skills Major" (SHSM) focusing on the environment. This is now a full-day program earning the students 4 course credits towards their successful secondary school graduation.

Picture of People Bird Watching

One of the many regional Envirothon competitions takes place each spring in Limerick Forest. A number of partners in the area work together each year to make this high school environmental competition both friendly and educational. 

Other past educational events have included guided nature walks hosted by volunteer naturalists and scientists, soils courses for area forestry staff, trapping seminars and visits from various local school groups. Past Limerick Forest Open House's also provided the public an opportunity to listen to presentations and go on guided tours to learn more about their community forest.


Picture of Trees Marked for Research

The diverse flora and fauna found in the various forests and wetlands in Limerick Forest provide many opportunities for research.  A number of permanent sample plots examining growth and yield and forest health have been established in Limerick Forest over the years and continue to be monitored by both provincial and federal organizations. 

The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville will continue to encourage and seek out research partnerships with both government and non-government organizations which will benefit Limerick Forest.